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In this blog, we will be discussing a less known topic. Some of you might be familiar with it but we are sure most of you have never paid attention to it. Even though it plays an important role in dressing and styling.
So, let’s get started!


Body shape is a skeletal structure, the quantity and distribution of muscles and fat on the body.
While going to a store, you might notice one dress is looking good on your friend but not on you?
But what is the reason behind it?
The reason is different body types. Not everyone has the same body shape. We all have different body shapes.πŸ€”
Having same weight and height does not mean that you have same body shape. How your body weight is distributed over different areas tells your body shape.

Read the blog further to find out your body shape and it’s dressing.
This topic will surely help each of you.
So, enjoy reading.πŸ‘‡



Wear a well fitted hugging dress.
Use same colour for top and bottom.
Now, stand straight in front of a full length mirror. Make sure your back is straight and shoulders relaxed. Take a measuring tape and start noting down your measurements of the following body areas without changing the posture:
β€’ Shoulders β€’ Bust β€’ Waist β€’ Hips
After taking the basic measurements, we have to draw comparison between your upper body, mid line and lower body to know your body shape.



β€’ Pear
If your hips are wider than shoulders and waist line, you are a triangle or pear shaped body.
β€’ Inverted triangle
If your shoulders are wider than your waistline and hip line, you are an inverted triangle body shape.
β€’ Hourglass
If your hips and shoulders are of same width and waistline is relatively smaller, you are an hourgalss body shape.

β€’ Rectangle
Shoulders, waistline and hips are of almost same width, you are a rectangle body shape.
β€’ Apple
If you have comparatively large bust than hips, rounded tummy and slender legs, you are an apple or oval shaped body.

Every body is different and unique in itself. Every body is beautiful. No matter what your body shape is, love your body and be confident. Keep in mind your best body part and flaunt it. And don’t forget to enhance your other parts too by adding extra charm to them. Now, let’s talk about dressing of each body type.

1. Pear
If you are a pear shaped body, you need to add volume to your upper body. Draw attention towards your slim arms and shoulders.
Points to keep in mind
β€’ Go for A-line dresses and skirts.
β€’ Layering is a good option to give volume to your upper body β€’ Wear necklace for the statement look.
β€’ Avoid clothing that draws attention to your hips and thighs

2. Inverted triangle
If you are an inverted triangle, your weight is deposited more in your upper area in comparison to lower area. You should add details, embroidery, patterns to your lower half. Since you have a well defined waist, use a wide belt to add details to your waistline.
Points to keep in mind
β€’ Stay away from the sleeves which add volume to your shoulders like puffed sleeves.

β€’ Straight clothing pieces will help you to give a natural extension to your body shape.

3. Hourglass
Balance the natural silhouette. Accentuate your waist line without adding volume to upper part or lower part. Bring your curves to notice.
Points to keep in mind
β€’ Wrap dresses and tops are best for your body type. β€’ Highlight your waist line
β€’ Prefer fitted clothing instead of boxy tunics and tops.

If you have rectangle body shape, your weight is evenly distributed all over your body. Your body is usually flat so create an illusion of curves by adding ruffles or flares wherever required. And you have got a chance to flaunt your lean legs and arms.
Points to keep in mind
β€’ Use belts to give definition to your waistline.

β€’ Avoid straight dresses and skirts. β€’ Use ruffles in sleeves and pleated/flared for bottom wear.

Apple body shape is often referred as round or circular. Usually apple body shape people have nice legs, so flaunt your slim legs.
Points to keep in mind
β€’ Avoid shapeless and boxy clothes.
β€’ Use wrap dresses or tops to define your waistline. β€’ Boot cut and straight jeans.
β€’ Necklace and dangles for the statement look.

You might notice that you do not fit in a particular shape and it is quite normal. Many times, it is found that most of the women find it difficult to fit in a single body shape. You might be a combination of two are more. Also, other than the body shape there are some other factors too which play an important role in your dressing. But body shape is the chief of all. It is important for us to know our right body shape.
These dressing ideas first of all focuses on how to balance the weight of the body by styling. And then, helps you to flatter your favourite and the best part of your body.

We hope this content will help you to create your wardrobe as per your body type. But remember every body is beautiful.πŸ‘Œ
Hope you enjoyed reading. Don’t forget to write your views and suggestions in the comments section. Catch us on facebook and instagram @theunparalleledlife
Thanks for reading😊
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