Small intimate wedding ideas!

Wedding is one of the life changing moment in someone’s life. An extreme special day which should be celebrated in an extra special way. Personally, we consider it as an intimate function. And look during this Corona time, it itself have become so. But managing a wedding during this lockdown has become quite a difficult task. But we will not let you to wait for this lockdown to get over completely so that you can have your wedding.
That is why we are here with a special wedding guide to help you manage out all things to avoid hustle bustle at the last moment.


• First of all, make a list of all functions.
• Secondly, list down the guests according to different functions.
• Make sure number of guests don’t exceed 50.
• Inform every guest to wear mask and maintain social distancing as much as possible.
• Select a particular theme for each function.
• Pre-prepare the list of all things with the dates so that you don’t miss any.
• Book photographer only for the wedding day. For the other occasions, you can ask your cousin to click some beautiful shots of yours having a good camera and photography skills.
• For all those relatives who cannot attend your functions, you can arrange a large screen or a projector and reach them via video call.


Engagement/Roka ceremony(downloaded)

Venue: Living area/terrace
Roka is one of the special ceremonies that take place before an Indian wedding. The engagement ceremony marks the union of both the bride and groom’s family and friends. It is considered to be an intimate family function where both families exchange gifts and bless the couple before they embark on their future together.
To give your living area the wedding vibe, give it a makeover. Get your sofa covers and cushion covers of silk material. And you can decor the background as per the particular theme. Here, the background is decorated with flowers and some dream catchers which turned out to be amazing. Simple yet soothing.
For the engagement or roka ceremony, no need to book special caterers. Instead, order it and set buffet system on the table. Invite upto 30 guests.


Sangeet night/Mehendi(downloaded)

Venue: Terrace
Sangeet as the word refers to music, sangeet night can also be termed as dj night. It sounds something like celebrating and enjoying with your close ones. And truly it is all about fun and entertainment. Also, sangeet is accompanied with the mehendi ceremony. It is usually held one or two days before the wedding where the heena designs are applied on bride’s hands and feet and all enjoying together.
At your terrace, arrange a small sitting for girl which can be used for the next day too on haldi ceremony. You can decor the area with artificial flowers instead of real so that they look fresh even tomorrow. Skip DJ and connect your speakers with mobile. Pre-book the mehendi artist only for the bride. Order the food and enjoy party.


Haldi ceremony(downloaded)

Venue: Terrace
On the wedding day, this is the first ceremony. Haldi(turmeric) paste is applied on bride and groom in the morning as a holy shower ritual.
On this day, you can use yellow colour theme to match with the colour of haldi(turmeric). Use the same decor for the haldi ceremony which you used yesterday night for mehendi. And adjust mattress on floor. Try to invite upto 5 families i.e. only first cousins. Apply haldi and then give her a shower. Bride’s family can continue with choda cermony otherwise end up giving snacks to the guests.


Another option for wedding(downloaded)

Venue: Banquet/Home
The most special and awaited day after all the ceremonies, the actual wedding day where a couple unites together for the life.
For this, you should book a banquet. It is suggested to book a large area while inviting less number of guests to practice social distancing to an extent.
Otherwise, set up mandap in your living area and dining at the terrace or vice versa. For this, you will need to book special caterers. In the end, your close ones can raise a toast to the name of couple. Give the blessings to couple and don’t exceed 50.

These were some ideas on how you can plan an intimate wedding at your home itself without feeling the need of special wedding planners. We hope it will help you. Please let us know your thoughts and ideas regarding this in comments section. Connect us on facebook and instagram @theunparalleledlife

Thanks for reading😊
The unparalleled life

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