“Delightful recipes for Janamashtmi”

Janmashtami is celebrated every year on the birth of Lord Krishna. This festival is celebrated in most of the regions of India and specially in mathura and vrindavan with so much joy and merriment.On this day, people worship 🙏Krishna and offer him some traditional sweets often termed as bhog. Mainly, 56 bhog items are offered. … Continue reading “Delightful recipes for Janamashtmi”

Refreshing drinks for summers

During summers, juices and shakes are very common but nowadays people are moving more to the side of cold drinks and alcoholic drinks. Considering that consumption of cold drinks in high quantity is harmful to our health, we are here with some tasty yet safe drinks recipe which you should try this summer. These are … Continue reading Refreshing drinks for summers

Immunity-Boosting delectant recipes!

The spread of coronavirus (COVID -19), now considered a pandemic continues to have global impact on several fronts. For states, the pandemic ofcourse present significant public health challenges.As we all know that in India, COVID 19 cases are increasing at a rapid rate. The only wayto rescue this situation is to make your body's immune-system … Continue reading Immunity-Boosting delectant recipes!