Teacher’s day special!

Hello everyone, today’s post is a special one, quite different from our usual blogs. This post is specially dedicated to our loving teachers. Wish you all a HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY!

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Every year teacher’s day is celebrated on 5 September throughout India. It marks the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, an Indian philosopher, academic who served as the first Vice President of India and the second President of India. His birthday is commemorated as Teacher’s Day every year across the country in honour of his belief that “Teachers should be the best minds in the country”

Teaching is a profession because of which all other profession exists whether it’s a doctor or an engineer. This is why Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan emphasized that the best minds should be of teachers as the teacher is the one who can completely change the mindset of population and can bring them on the right track.

Level of development of a country can be judged by looking at the teachers of that country. Development and progress of a country is totally in the hands of a teacher, it depends how the teacher will give shape to its future.

Teachers are the backbone of any society. They spend their entire life in spreading education, enabling students to learn and explore. They are the ones who prepare children for better tomorrow. Other than only imparting education from books, a true teacher is the one who teaches from the heart. They are the ones who always support us and guide us in all situations and circumstances.
Teaching is regarded as a noble profession world wide. A teacher is a selfless human who’s debt can never be paid off. A teacher is a blessing in student’s life. The role of teacher in a student’s life is incomparable to others.

To pay respect to our beloved teachers, we celebrate it annually on 5 September every year with joy and enthusiasm. Different activities and celebrations are planned in schools and colleges at various levels on this auspicious occasion. Students pay their due respect and honour to their teachers.

In our life, we are guided by different teachers each of them is unique in their own way. Some of them might be too strict and some can be easy going too. No matter what the situation is, all of them have stood with us every time.

Even during this time of lockdown, teachers have proved themselves again. They have worked hard to reach their students through online mode. They might not have used such applications before but for their students, they learnt and managed it so well.

Definitely, heads off to all the teachers for their continuous effort and hard work towards their students. In a nutshell, I would say words will fall short to describe and praise our teachers. Even a single day is not worth to appreciate the selfless attitude of our teachers. Salute to all the teachers!

On this special day, don’t forget to wish your teachers and share this post with your beloved teachers to make them feel exclusive on their day. Believe me your teachers feel so special if you still remember them after long years. And it should be your duty to thank them because what you are today is only because of them.

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Thanks for reading😊
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