10 wardrobe essentials

Hey Fashionistas!
This topic for today’s blog is kind of a mandatory one which needs to be in our feed for sure. So today, we will be sharing 10 wardrobe essentials which unquestionably needs to be in your wardrobe.

ESSENTIAL, as the word suggests completely necessary or something very important. Even though most of the girls like variety in their clothing but still some of the basic outfits are a must have for all. So, we have included 5 outfits and 5 accessories, intotal 10 essentials. So, let’s proceed:



T-shirt is one of the most comfortable garment worn by maximum number of people around the world. It is a simple apparel which has been worn from ages. You can wear it while going to market or for brunch with your friends. Even when we are chilling at home, pjs and t-shirts are our priority. Even you can wear it under a sleeveless top or dress and it looks pretty good.


Maxi dress is a perfect option for the days of summer. It’s easy breezy style ensures you with the best comfort. These are available in wide range in different styles: long, short, ethnic, casual etc. You can choose the one as per your choice.


When it comes to essential for bottom wear, definitely it is jeans that comes in our mind. It is a versatile piece of clothing and I think we all have it in our wardrobe. But personally, I don’t like it much as it does not fit in my comfort zone.


For any cultural occasion, kurtas are my go to option. They looks so pretty and graceful. Just name a function and give me a cotton kurta, I am ready for all such functions. Heheheh😂, but seriously a cotton kurta can be styled in so many ways: sharara, palazzo, pants etc. that I can’t count.


A kurta palazzo set can be used individually to create different looks. To attend a traditional function, kurta palazzo set looks beautiful.



I have a habit of carrying my essential stuff with me and I think few of you might have this nature. So, a bag is an important part of our extra accessory. Even other than the purpose of carrying things, some people carry it for no reason but for the statement looks specially tiny bags and they looks super cute and adorable.


Instead of heels, I always prefer flats and you guys know the reason. Yes, as we always put our comfort first. Beige or black colour of ballerinas(bellies), would be the best as they will go with all of your outfits.


How can we miss our prominent sneakers or sports shoes. Just after hearing the word sneakers, I get an image of a very cool tom boyish kind of feeling. And that’s very cool and stylish.


Omg stole. Those stoles that used to just occupy the space of my wardrobe for no reason. But today is the day when I can’t get of them. Just tell me what can you not do with it. I think everything. You can use it as a hair band, as a top and much more.


For shades, people might have different thoughts. For me, It gives you a bosy look like a girl ruling the world. A passionate, strong and a confident girl. Put on your shades and ready to rule!

These were the 10 essentials of our wardrobe. If you liked our blog, do hit the like button. Let us know in the comments section which is your most important part of clothing. Follow us on facebook and Instagram @theunparalleledlife

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